Episode #10) The Confidence Game with Kyle Murtagh

Kyle Murtagh has won multiple awards for public speaking, and he helps people improve their skills through his company, Confidence by Design. iTunesSoundcloud Shownotes Confidence by Design website Kyle on LinkedIn I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr Glasgow Toastmasters Why Do We Fear Public Speaking? Virgin Money Lounge Les Brown TalkContinue reading “Episode #10) The Confidence Game with Kyle Murtagh”


Episode #9) Improve with Ged Neil

  Ged Neil is a transformational coach. He’s the founder of Dynamic Creations, which helps people via techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, and NLP. iTunesSoundcloud Shownotes Dynamic Creations website Neuro-linguistic programming Jack Black’s Mindstore Silva Method Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Roger Callahan and Tapping Therapy Fear of flying courses at Glasgow Airport EMDR for Panic AttacksContinue reading “Episode #9) Improve with Ged Neil”

Episode #8) The Startup Factory with Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes is co-founder of RookieOven, a hub for startup companies and entrepreneurs, and of software developer Add Jam iTunesSoundcloud Links RookieOven Add Jam Alba Orbital The GG-W Dichotomy The Tontine Building Codebase DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson) on Twitter The FanDuel lawsuit Y Combinator Books: ReWork and Remote Codecademy Treehouse Coder Dojo Codebar Justin KanContinue reading “Episode #8) The Startup Factory with Michael Hayes”

Episode #7) Trevor Sloughter Droppin’ Science Like A Scientist

Trevor Sloughter is a PhD student, a member of Glasgow Skeptics, and a South Carolinian. We talk science, maths, and ‘murica. SoundcloudiTunes Links Glasgow Skeptics: website – Facebook – Twitter Admiral Bar Waterstones Sauchiehall Street Tedx talk (turn the volume up) Bright Club talk Bright Club Chitlins Arrival trailer Spotlight trailer Katie Mack Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Episode #6) Crooked Cops And Stolen Jewels, With James Donnelly (JD)

In this episode I talk to James Donnelly, aka JD. If the name’s not familiar, but you’ve been in the East End and seen the house covered with drawings of police and mentions of Princess Di and stolen jewels, then you know who I’m talking about. iTunesSoundcloud Links John McAleese JD documentaries Jimmy Reid TheContinue reading “Episode #6) Crooked Cops And Stolen Jewels, With James Donnelly (JD)”

Ep #5) The Cult(?) Of Crossfit

In this episode I talk to Ally MacKinnon and Simon Thomson, the founders of Crossfit East Kilbride. We talk Crossfit, business, cults, injuries, and dogs.  iTunesSoundcloud Links Crossfit East Kilbride: site — Facebook The team’s Dublin win Russian vs American kettlebell swings Crossfit HQ The Crossfit Games Johnnie WOD (formerly Crossfit Football) Sara Sigmundsdóttir Katrín Davíðsdóttir Interview with Rich FroningContinue reading “Ep #5) The Cult(?) Of Crossfit”

Ep #4) Traquair-wolves Of London: Talking Music With Stewart Traquair

“Everyone’s trying to get somewhere good” In this episode I talk to Stewart Traquair. Stewart is a musician who has self-published a number of albums and EPs, and has been a part of Glasgow’s music scene for over 20 years. In this episode we talk music, travel, triangles, and conspiracy theories. iTunesSoundcloud Links Stewart on FacebookContinue reading “Ep #4) Traquair-wolves Of London: Talking Music With Stewart Traquair”

Ep #3) Davie Galbraith Kicks Your Nips Off

In this episode I talk to Davie Galbraith. Davie is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter who now runs and owns New Life Gym, a martial arts hub in Maryhill. iTtunesSoundcloud Links Website — Twitter — Facebook Kettlebell training The Ultimate Fighter Bobby McVitie Video: Davie vs Bobby Robert Whiteford SCOT-MMAF The Hairy Mill = Maryhill SOMMA A ‘dullion’ WanderleiContinue reading “Ep #3) Davie Galbraith Kicks Your Nips Off”

Ep #2) Low-budgment Day – Indie Film-making With Graham Hughes

Graham is an indie director-editor-screenwriter. His feature-length debut, The Big Slick, won a Bafta Scotland award for writing. His second, A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide, was award-nominated at both the Scottish Baftas and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Graham has also directed a number of shorts, music videos, a six-part web series, andContinue reading “Ep #2) Low-budgment Day – Indie Film-making With Graham Hughes”

Episode #1) Scott Russell – Sweat On Yo’ Momma

Episode 1 is with Scott Russell. Scott is the founder of Equinox 10 fitness and performance centre. He’s a personal trainer, and a former professional basketball player. iTunesAnchor.fm Links: Equinox 10: Site,  Twitter,  Facebook Scott’s pickup ball highlights Basketball bio How to deadlift The dreaded burpee Paisley basketball club The Glasgow Rocks Brian McCotter Tim Hardaway: bio, highlights, controversy ShaqContinue reading “Episode #1) Scott Russell – Sweat On Yo’ Momma”